What is a busbar? What are the advantages and benefits of the busbar system?

One of the benefits of technology is that it makes our lives easier. The Busbar System is one of these conveniences. In the old classical systems, many cables with very thick sections had to be connected in parallel to carry high currents. In busbar systems, the carrier is coated with tin, it is formed by insulating aluminum or copper conductors and placing them in a metal body.
In this way, busbar energy distribution systems were created.
What are the Advantages of Busbar Systems?
The busbar system has many advantages with the superior technology it provides.
The advantages of Busbar ;

• Busbar systems are modular, functional and flexible systems. It provides an easy solution to the changes that occur in buildings and factories.
• The busbar system is resistant to impacts because the body structures are metal.
• The system is simpler, away from the messy appearance in other systems. It eliminates the messy appearance of the cables.

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