Güner Eksport Hediyelik Eşya Tic.Ltd. Şti


‘’Guner Eksport’’ is a manufacturer of high quality functional - decorative products created by copper and brass for home and garden. Our company is a producer & exporter of copper and brass goods located in Turkey. We are able to manufacture and ship the products designed by our customers or developed by our design team. -Our company has industrial designers and R&D team. We are able to develop new products according to your customization. -We have a quality control team that checks every single item to provide 100% customer satisfaction. -We always keep in touch with our customers via e-mail and phone calls. -We are responsive to deliver the products in due time. The delays are not welcomed in our business model. Manufacturing on order basis is our business model. Any product you choose or any pictures or pencil drawing models with dimensions will be studied on them. Every single customer/product rights will be protected in our databases. Kind Regards.
Copper , brass , zinc , souvenir , home , garden , wall , decoration, clock, mirror, kitchen, accesories , sink , bathtub , table , bird house , vase , pot, flower , fountain , boiler , barbecue pit , fireplace , flower , mail box , watering can , BBQ , furniture ,
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Güner Eksport Hediyelik Eşya Tic.Ltd. Şti Güner Eksport Hediyelik Eşya Tic.Ltd. Şti

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Office: Uğur Mumcu Mah. 2345.Sok.No:4 Kat:1 Sultangazi - İstanbul - TÜRKİYE Factory: Yukarı Mah.Atatürk Bulvarı A Blok 197/1 Boğazlıyan - Yozgat - TÜRKİYE Boğazlıyan Yozgat, Türkiye
If you can't reach the company please send us an email to iddmib@immib.org.tr

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