Flexible connections are preferred in low and high voltage areas where vibration and impact are high, because they have movable elements. We can produce braided flexible busbars in standard and special designs for various applications. These braided flexible busbars can transfer high currents. The busbars are made of electrolytic copper (bare or tinned) wires. Connection surfaces can be bare or tin or silver plated according to your needs. Braided flexible busbars can be insulated with heat shrink tubing or PVC sheaths. In this case, the current capacity may decrease by 10%.

usage areas

In BUS – BAR Systems
In Generators Transformer / Busbar
– Bushing Connections In
High Voltage Load Disconnectors In
Earth Disconnectors As an optional Chassis Cable In
High Voltage Power Breakers
Panel Connections
In Applications Exposed to High Temperature and Impact

Braided flexible busbar is a flexible busbar type that can be used easily in difficult areas thanks to its flexible structures. Busbars are responsible for the distribution and collection of electrical energy. In addition, electrical energy is collected in the busbars at the same frequencies and voltages. The structure of the busbars plays a very important role in collecting the electrical energy on the same system. For this reason, the busbars provide the coordination of the electrical energy. Especially braided flexible busbars are easily used in harsh climates.

Braided flexible busbars are preferred in seas, dams, cable cars on hills, underground, in very cold and hot areas, and in places where the wind is dominant . Busbars are used especially to show resistance against harsh weather conditions. Busbars are also produced in accordance with special production and needs. Due to its flexible structure, it can be easily shaped. They are known to be highly resistant to low and high voltages. It plays a very important role in transferring both low voltage and high voltage.

It has the ability to absorb physical variability such as elongation and shortening caused by heat. It is very easy to straighten or cut the ends of the braided flexible busbars. If a revision is requested in the project, it can be easily changed according to the llama. There is no need for any apparatus when connecting the braided flexible busbar . A direct connection can be made or holes can be drilled on the products.

Braided flexible busbars, which are preferred in many sectors with their flexibility and durability in harsh climatic conditions, always provide convenience. It is especially preferred in defense industry, automotive industry, trap, generator and iron and steel production. In addition, it is used as a compensator by being used in bus bar systems.

Braiding can be done with steel wire, galvanized or copper wire in the machines. Here, the speed of the machines and the high engine power are one of the very important issues. There are puppets and bobbins in the machines. Braided flexible busbars, which are produced in accordance with the needs and demands of the customers, are preferred in many areas with comfort.

Braided Flexible Usage Areas
Braided flexible busbars are highly preferred in high and low voltage areas, especially in panel connections, in bus-bar systems, especially in places where impact or vibration is high, in transformer bushing connections, earth disconnectors, load disconnectors and generators.
In addition, the braided flexible busbar can also be used as a compensator if it is to be preferred in bus bar systems. Special type busbars are available in the workshops, especially in line with your needs and demands. It should be especially noted that in Bus-Bar systems , flexible busbars absorb the shortening or elongation caused by heat.
Braided flexible busbarsit is usually located in different cross-sections with the same wire sizes, except for the standard table
. Flexible busbars, which have a flexible structure, can also be used in disconnectors and breakers. Braided flexible busbars are also preferred in the automotive, iron and steel and defense sectors in the industrial sector. Competent experts in the field, which help to create the final products by processing them with high precision and according to the customer's technical drawing, aim to deliver the braided flexible busbars to the customers by passing them through quality processes. Braided flexible busbars, which provide great convenience with their flexible and durable structures, play a very important role in absorbing the elongation and shortening caused by heat in bus bar systems.

In addition, there is an important point to be taken into account that exposing rope type cables to an acidic and humid environment is one of the extremely wrong situations. No food or drink should be placed on rope type cables. No cover should be placed on the rope cables. Finally, care should be taken that the rope type cables are not damaged.

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