Copper - Phosphorus Brazing Alloys

Copper-Phosphorus alloys have outstanding brazing properties and wide capabilities. Phosphorus will alloy readily with copper. Phosphorus is a reducing agent for copper and also deoxidizes silver. These brazing alloys of copper-phosphorus and silver-copper-phosphorus are self-fluxing on pure copper.

The reduction of phosphorus and additions of silver have a profound effect upon the fluidity of brazing alloys. The alloys of higher phosphorus content are extremely fluid, while the lower phosphorus, high silver alloy has a broad plastic range. Even small adjustments in alloy percentages have a marked effect on brazing alloy fluidity.
  • FORTEBRAZE Copper-Phosphorus brazing alloys ensures European (EN1044), American (AWS 5.8) and International (ISO 17672) standards

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