Enamelled Copper Round & Flat Wire

Enamelled Round Wires:
Flexible, Solderable, Bondable and High Thermal Resistant Enamelled Round Wires
Size ranges : 0.03 mm - 5.00 mm

Enamelled Flat Wires
Flexible, Bondable and High Thermal Resistant Enamelled Flat Wires
Width : 3.00 mm - 20.00 mm
Thickness : 1.10mm - 6.00mm
Cross section : up to 100mm²
  • Enamelled Round Wires IEC60317-8, IEC60317-12, IEC60317-13, IEC60317-20, IEC60317-21, IEC60317-22, IEC60317-23, IEC60317-26, IEC60317-35, IEC60317-36, IEC60317-37, IEC60317-38, IEC60317-46, IEC60317-51, IEC60317-55, IEC60317-57, IEC60317-59 with UL certificate Enamelled Flat Wires IEC60317-18, IEC60317-28, IEC60317-28, IEC60317-58

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