8 mm Rod Wire (ETP) & (OF)

For ETP :
1. Surface Oxide: maximum 750 ºA
2. Electrical resistivity in the annealed condition:(ETT 30-101-01) max.0,15176 ohm/g.m²
( % 101 IACS min, 58,58 m/ohm .mm²)
maximum 0,01707 ohm mm²/m
Resistance measurement : will be made on as produced rod. In case of dispute, the rod will be drawn to 2 mm wire, annealed at 500°C / 30 min, before the resistance is measured.
3. Elongation : minimum % 30 ( at 10 inch sample.)
4. Diameter: 8 mm ± 0.38 mm
5. The rod will not have any properties, which prevent it from being used to draw wire for conductivity purposes. The surface will be protected with wax against oxidising.
6. References:
ASTM B 49-08 Standart Specification for Copper Rod Drawing Stock for Electrical Purposes
7. Packaging
The rod will be on wooden pallets suitable for transport by fork lift, bound by steel strips, and wrapped with plastic foil. It will be marked in Turkish with the producers’ name ( Erbakır ), coil number, net and gross weight in kilograms, unless specified otherwise by the customer.

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