The preheated ETP-Cu and DHP-Cu billets are extruded by 3400 and 2350 ton capacities PLC controlled presses to produce mother tubes .
Final products are produced in different finishing lines according to the type of final shape.

Material : Cu-DHP (99.90% Cu min. and 0.015-0.040 % P) and Cu-ETP
Product Type: LWC, pancake and straight length
Temper : Hard drawn, annealed and semi-hard

Various Applications of Copper Tubes
• Water Distribution Systems
• Drainage and Vent Systems
• Heat Exchangers
• Floor Heating and Solar Heating Systems
• Fuel Oil, L.P. and Natural Gas Systems
• Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems
• Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
• Fire Sprinkler Systems
• Compressed Air Systems

  • Standards : DIN EN 12449, TS EN 12449, DIN EN 1057, EN 12735, ATMB B 280, ASTM B 68, ASTM B 75, ASTM B 88

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